The flagship epoxy of our wastewater treatment coating systems

PPG RAVEN 405 is an ultra-high build epoxy lining system with high physical strength and broad chemical resistance to stand up to severe, caustic environments. With a 30+ year history and over 30 million square feet coated, PPG RAVEN 405 is a proven technology that can protect new concrete or help rehabilitate an existing structure.

High performance coating benefits

  • Chemical resistance
  • Ultra-high build
  • Adhesive strength
  • Heavy duty protection
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Surface tolerance
  • 100% solids, ultra-low VOC (0.52 g/L)
  • Quick return-to-service
  • SWAT certification

The industry leader in heavy duty protection for wastewater facilities

Designed for operating temperatures up to 200°F (93°C), PPG RAVEN 405 has a unique ultra-high build formulation, 80-250+ mils per coat, that allows it to be applied on vertical and overhead surfaces. Our selection of PPG RAVEN 405 epoxies can be fully bonded to a variety of substrates, including dry or damp concrete, steel, ductile or cast iron, fiberglass, and masonry.

Typical applications

  • Concrete wastewater lining
  • Clarifiers and digesters
  • Tunnels and pipelines
  • Tanks
  • Secondary containment
  • Manholes
  • Floors and walls

Certified applicators

PPG RAVEN 405 is available only to certified applicators. Every certified applicator has been approved based on technical capability, equipment, and experience with PPG RAVEN products. Our certified applicator program includes a network throughout the United States and Canada.

Coatings for wastewater treatment facilities

PPG RAVEN 405 was designed to protect corrosive wastewater facilities. It has Severe Wastewater Analysis Testing (SWAT) certification and passed the Pickle Jar Test, due to its thick film and outstanding chemical resistance that can withstand high H2S gases and other caustics, chemicals and acids found in a wastewater facility. This product is included in our PPG Wastewater Systems portfolio. See more here.

PPG RAVEN 405 ultra-high build systems can be used to coat new build projects, maintain existing structures, or renew severely deteriorated wastewater infrastructure. Learn more about PPG RAVEN 405 in our brochure.