PPG RESTORA-PIPE Pipe Restoration system revolutionizes trenchless pipe rehabilitation. Featuring a patented robotic PPG SMART TETHER™ that maneuvers efficiently throughout complex pipe geometries, the PPG RESTORA-PIPE system can traverse multiple pipe fittings and provides a solution where digging or other trenchless methods are prohibitive. The proven system features a fast-drying polymeric coating with excellent corrosion resistance that meets the requirements of ANSI 61.


  • Suitable for 24" or larger diameter piping
  • Self-propelled robotic system
  • Freely circumvents multiple 90° bends, inclined geometries and vertical pipes
  • Deploys cleaning, lining & inspection systems
  • Monitors & controls ambient conditions
  • Accesses 500 feet from point of entry
  • Leverages ANSI-61 certified PPG RESTORA-PIPE Polymeric Coating


  • Provides solution for complex pipe rehabilitation projects with multiple bends
  • Reduces friction and capstan effect during lining for a smooth, even coating
  • Fewer entry points means less disruption
  • Faster return-to-service and less costly than traditional pipe rehabilitation methods
  • Suitable for work in all seasons
  • Creates a seamless, BPA-free pipe-within-a-pipe that extends service time

Smart Tether

  • Inspects and lines piping via a customizable centralizer head
  • Monitors ambient conditions of the pipe and coating, signaling any necessary adjustments
  • Maps pipe geometry through 3D imaging
  • GPS enabled
  • Leverages CCTV to provide real-time video
  • Records quality data for final inspection

Restora-Pipe is a trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.