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Inland marine vessel protection

Market leaders in the inland marine segment

PPG is one of the market leaders in the inland marine market segment, with an extensive track record in both maintenance and new-build projects. As a sustainable and safe mode of transport, inland shipping has a very favorable energy efficiency profile and presents considerable growth potential.

The long service lifetime of the vessels that operate in inland waters require well-planned maintenance with coatings specifically formulated for these particular operational conditions.

We design, develop and deliver innovative and durable products that have been specially designed to improve these inland vessels’ efficiency and lifetime performance.

PPG SIGMAGLIDE® 990: Svitzer, Baltija Shipbuilding in Lithuania

PPG SIGMAGLIDE® 990: Svitzer, Baltija Shipbuilding in Lithuania

Acting in accordance with its stringent corporate focus to apply the latest innovations in marine protective coatings and, after extensive research and evaluation, the company chose the PPG SIGMAGLIDE 990 biocide-free fouling release from PPG Protective & Marine Coatings. PPG is the only company with long and extensive experience in both premium silyl acrylate antifoulings and silicone-based fouling release coatings. This enables us to offer a bespoke solution for each customer.

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