Ultimate protection for offshore wind farms

The growing trend to develop significantly larger wind farms much further offshore, known as ‘far shore’ projects, brings new challenges to protect the splash zones and foundations of wind turbines in hostile, deep sea environments.

We developed the PPG SIGMASHIELD 1200 coating to meet this demand and give resilient long-term protection to offshore installations. This solvent-free, phenolic epoxy coating has outstanding anticorrosive performance as well as excellent impact- and abrasion resistance.

New challenges

One of the key issues facing stakeholders is balancing protective performance with the cost and complexity of maintenance for these installations. Indeed, the corrosion rates for unprotected steel can be as much as 10 times the corrosion rate for inland structures.

Therefore, coating systems specified for such critical locations must be easy to apply at new construction and proven for offshore exposure in order to give the specified high durability level with minimal maintenance.

PPG’s unique, proven solution

The PPG SIGMASHIELD 1200 coating fully addresses these requirements and is applied during new construction as a two-coat system (no primer needed) to the splash zone and foundations of the tower.

This advanced coating is easy to apply using heavy-duty, cold single-feed airless spray equipment, and exhibits excellent edge coverage with no shrinkage at high-film thickness – even in critical areas. These attributes improve both the efficiency and productivity of the in-shop painting process, and ensure that long in-service periods and minimal maintenance will be met.

Once in service, critical areas of the structure, such as the transition zone, boat landings and access ladders will be securely protected from damage as a result of drifting ice, driftwood, other debris and the mooring of inspection vessels.

PPG SIGMASHIELD 1200 also exhibits good resistance against a wide range of chemicals and solvents, and is resistant to well-designed cathodic protection.

Reduced environmental impact

The PPG SIGMASHIELD 1200 coating is also solvent free, which reduces the level of explosion risk and fire hazard during in-shop application, so applicators benefit from healthier, safer and more environmentally friendly working conditions.

Fully approved and tested

As an established coating system, the PPG SIGMASHIELD 1200 coating is fully approved by the recognized standards for rating coating systems for offshore exposure: NORSOK M-501, ISO 12944 and ISO 20340. It is also fully certified by Lloyd ́s Register of Shipping as an abrasion-resistant ice coating and by Aker Arctic for low ice friction.

More importantly, these certificates and approvals are endorsed by the PPG SIGMASHIELD 1200 coating’s long and successful service record in the demanding offshore environment.

The ultimate system for minimum maintenance

With an established track record in offshore environments, and proven benefits for operators, applicators and yards, the PPG SIGMASHIELD 1200 coating delivers the optimal protective coating solution with improved durability, minimum maintenance and reduced environmental impact.

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