Cargo hold coatings

Cargo Hold Coatings

Optimal coatings in complex situations

Coatings are a key element to protect and extend the service life of a ship. Selecting the right coating can ultimately lead to significantly less steel replacement during the ship life cycle.

The dry cargo hold area is arguably one of the most severe and complex situations where the vessel and the coating protecting the steel is subject to various chemically aggressive environments over a wide range of temperatures and with various degree of mechanical impacts.

The optimal selection of the coating requires alignment between coating characteristics with the environmental conditions encountered during service life and predominantly determined by the trade in which the vessel is involved.

Having recognized these various conditions, PPG is proposing a comprehensive range of coatings targeting each of these forms of external aggression: the PPG SIGMACOVER 350 product plus the PPG SIGMAPRIME® and PPG SIGMASHIELD series.

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The PPG SIGMAPRIME range is a unique set of multipurpose anticorrosives designed to suit modern shipyard building practices by simplifying and speeding up the coatings process, and providing long-term performance in service.

PPG SIGMAPRIME®: Claus-Peter Offen, Hamburg, Germany

PPG SIGMAPRIME®: Claus-Peter Offen, Hamburg, Germany

Success or failure of coatings in service can influence the profitability rate at which a ship operates. Ship owners have to carefully consider the coating choices needed for each specific vessel area, taking into account factors such as service conditions as well as substrate type. PPG SIGMAPRIME is a high-quality epoxy primer designed to fit shipyard building practices and offer excellent long-term protection.

PPG SIGMASHIELD™ System: Baggermaatschappij Boskalis B.V., Shipyard Boer at Sliedrecht, The Netherlands

PPG SIGMASHIELD™ System: Baggermaatschappij Boskalis B.V., Shipyard Boer at Sliedrecht, The Netherlands

PPG Protective & Marine Coatings convinced Boskalis, after 2 years of extensive testing both in-house and externally, that PPG SIGMASHIELD products would provide the most durable coating solution for cargo holds. PPG applied a system comprising the PPG SIGMASHIELD 1090 product as an under layer with the PPG SIGMASHIELD 1200 coating as a finish layer on top to the Causeway.

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