Chemical / petrochemical

Chemical / Petrochemical

Customized Solutions for the Petrochemical Industry

PPG is a trusted supplier of coatings products and services to the petrochemical industry.

Our portfolio of globally available products is designed to withstand extreme environments and protect steel and concrete components used in refineries and chemical processing facilities.

In addition to delivering outstanding protection, our engineered coatings are formulated to work well in field environments where ease of use, drying time and productivity are critically important. PPG coatings have been thoroughly tested by third-party authorities according to the latest industry and international standards.

PPG’s petrochemical product range includes zinc-rich primers, general-purpose epoxies, durable finishes, tank linings and other specialized coatings.

High-temperature resistant coatings

High-temperature resistant coatings

High-temperature resistant coatings are designed to withstand temperatures ranging from 150°C (300°F) to over 760°C (1,400°F) while providing protection against corrosion. For service under insulation, a single-component product like the PPG HI-TEMP 1027 coating can be used for a wide range of operating temperatures and provides excellent protection against corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Hydrocarbon passive fire protection

Hydrocarbon passive fire protection

Hydrocarbon PFP (Passive Fire Protection) coatings are used extensively throughout the Petrochemical and Offshore industries to protect structures from the constant danger of hydrocarbon fires. This type of coating is designed to expand upon exposure to heat into an insulating protective char. This prevents steel from heating up rapidly and delays the loss of load-bearing capacity and integrity – buying crucial time for personnel to escape.

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