Storage tanks / terminals

Storage Tanks / Terminals

Fit-for-purpose coating systems

PPG is a leader in storage tank coatings and linings that offer protection against corrosion and minimize tank maintenance. Our chemical-resistant linings are designed to prevent product contamination for a wide range of cargoes while protecting the tanks integrity.

Aggressive conditions such as chemical spillage, atmospheric pollution, high humidity and ultraviolet radiation also present severe challenges in corrosion control. The PPG NOVAGUARD and PPG PHENGUARD series of specialized coating systems protect equipment from exposure to these severe conditions.

Jetty Protection

Jetties are located in coastal environments where high humidity and extreme salinity lead to severe corrosion. They are also subject to frequent impact and abrasive environments that require durable protection. Our coatings are designed to provide an excellent defense against these severe conditions while extending the service life of jetty structures.

Floors and Decks

Durability, application flexibility, chemical resistance and excellent non-skid properties characterize our coatings for these areas.

Hydrocarbon passive fire protection

Hydrocarbon passive fire protection

Hydrocarbon PFP (Passive Fire Protection) coatings are used extensively throughout the Petrochemical and Offshore industries to protect structures from the constant danger of hydrocarbon fires. This type of coating is designed to expand upon exposure to heat into an insulating protective char. This prevents steel from heating up rapidly and delays the loss of load-bearing capacity and integrity – buying crucial time for personnel to escape.



The new PPG NOVAGUARD™ 810 product is a specialized tank storage coating which provides outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemical and oil products. This solvent-free product offers a single-coat solution for rapid cure and quick return to service.

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