Proven protection for drillships

The continuing trend for global oil and gas production in deeper water and well depths, as well as more remote exploration regions has resulted in an increased demand for sophisticated ultra-deepwater drilling units and a surge in their construction.

These new, sophisticated drill ships feature highly advanced operational technologies and require a significant investment on the part of the owner.

Given the high level of investment and the demanding schedule and environments in which drill ships have to operate, owners need to protect the ships and equipment with coatings that are proven, trusted and known to perform without the need for extensive, frequent maintenance.


Fit-for-purpose solutions for the latest drill ship designs

PPG is the market leader in drill ship coatings. We have an impressive track record of protecting state-of-the-art drill ships from the ravaging effects of corrosion as well as the most extreme environmental and operational challenges. Our premium-quality coatings meet the latest IMO PSPC regulations and provide shipyard efficiency and extended service life.

Universal Primers - proven market value

Our range of multipurpose primers have been specifically designed to suit modern shipyard building practices and have now been proven on over 800 new-build ships with over 90 million square meters (968 million square feet) applied.

Premium antifouling and fouling release coatings

As a globally responsible organization, we have fouling release and antifouling coatings available that improve hull performance, thus reducing fuel consumption and the environmental footprint.

High-activity antifouling - excellent aesthetics

PPG offers a copper-free, high-activity antifouling in combination with the existing antifouling product range, as the final coat for drill ships. This solution keeps the ship’s hull clean through long outfitting periods.

Ultra-durable finishes - reducing maintenance costs

Because drill ships are often located at sites where both inspection and repair are not feasible, PPG has developed a range of ultra durable coatings that are designed to perform over extensive periods of operation.



The PPG SIGMA NEXEON antifouling range is based on linear self-polishing binder technology and instant low friction high performance/low roughness actives. This provides up to 25% lower roughness at application and therefore contributing to about 2.5% fuel savings right from day one when the ship starts sailing.

PPG SIGMA NEXEON™ 750: Odebrecht Oil and Gas Ltd. (OOG), Brazil

PPG SIGMA NEXEON™ 750: Odebrecht Oil and Gas Ltd. (OOG), Brazil

As an optimal coating for the protection of a vessel’s underwater hull from fouling and discoloration, the PPG SIGMA NEXEON 750 antifouling offers exceptional performance for static- and low-activity vessels at new-build.

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