Rigs & platforms

Rigs & Platforms

Specialized coatings for rigs and platforms

Mobile drilling rigs play a vital role during the exploration and construction stage of offshore oil and gas fields around the world. They work statically for several months, or years, before being towed and re-assigned to different resource fields.

When they are relocated, these rigs are replaced by production platforms, which are designed to accommodate larger crews and facilities to extract and process the oil and natural gas, and to temporarily store it before it is transported to shore.

Offshore drilling operators choose products to reduce maintenance over the long term as the rigs and platforms have long M&R cycles (usually every five years). Heavy-duty coating solutions are needed to protect and prolong the service life of these valuable assets, and also to protect the safety of those working and living onboard.

PPG offers a complete range of globally available coatings that protect rigs and platforms from the threat of corrosion and abrasion above and below the waterline as well as specialized coatings for hydrocarbon pool or jet fire protection and marine fouling.

High-temperature resistant coatings

High-temperature resistant coatings

High-temperature-resistant coatings are designed to withstand temperatures ranging from 150°C (300°F) to over 760°C (1,400°F) while providing protection against corrosion. For service under insulation, a single-component product like the PPG HI-TEMP 1027 coating can be used for a wide range of operating temperatures and provides excellent protection against corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Hydrocarbon passive fire protection

Hydrocarbon passive fire protection

Hydrocarbon PFP (Passive Fire Protection) coatings are used extensively throughout the Petrochemical and Offshore industries to protect structures from the constant danger of hydrocarbon fires. This type of coating is designed to expand upon exposure to heat into an insulating protective char. This prevents steel from heating up rapidly and delays the loss of load-bearing capacity and integrity – buying crucial time for personnel to escape.

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