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26 April 2019
Another beautiful application of PPG DURETHANE DTM
Another beautiful application of PPG DURETHANE DTM. Single-coat, direct-to-metal with excellent coverage, finish and durability.

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23 April 2019
Barbara Carol Ann Moran
Barbara Carol Ann Moran - Completed dry docking in Tampa, FL of coatings applied to the underwater hull, freeboard, decks, superstructure, stacks, etc.

17 April 2019
AIM for better budgeting
PPG ASSET INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT - Aim for better budgeting. Prioritize and rank your maintenance spending, so you can budget more effectively.

11 April 2019
COBRA Team Tackles Blade Erosion
PPG has teamed up with the wind power industry to tackle blade erosion, by developing a standard testing protocol. The core value proposition in this market covers leading edge solutions that perform in the challenging environments: tough & durable coatings in a low sheen and fillers & putties to reshape the design/surface for a smooth blade.

09 April 2019
PPG and Avery Dennison - Celebrating a Successful Partnership
We recently celebrated a major milestone in the development and marketing of our PPG SIGMAGLIDE® Foil by signing an agreement with our partner Avery Dennison to further commercialize our patented, eco-friendly, self-adhesive fouling release foil for ship hulls.

20 March 2019
AIM for Greater Precision
AIM for greater precision. Plan and schedule your corrosion management more precisely than ever before.

06 March 2019
AIM for Predictability
AIM for predictability. Forecast the future condition of your protective coatings using our dynamic, data-driven model.

25 February 2019
Introducing PPG ASSET INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT (PPG AIM) - an innovative solution that takes the guesswork out of asset maintenance.

06 February 2019
IJmuiden Sea Lock
After a long maritime journey, the three biggest lock gates of the world have arrived in IJmuiden to be part of the largest sea lock in the world. PPG Protective and Marine coatings supplied the products; PPG SIGMAPRIME 200/700, PPG SIGMASHIELD 880GF and PPG SIGMADUR 1800 to meet the required high standard coating specification.

31 January 2019
Want to talk water?
Want to talk water? PPG AMERCOAT 240 edge retentive primer, top coated with PPG PSX 700 for sunlight protection. Shell walls with PPG NOVAGUARD 840. These images are at one year inspection of this tank and it looks like the first day!

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